direct urbanism // production of desire // anticipatory fiction // appropriation // activism // performance // smart city // noise

Noise is characteristic of any construction site. Moving through the construction site of Aspern, one is constantly exposed to different sounds which overlap and change, creating a particular, very intense experience. How would we feel if this background noise was something we can control and play with?

Under the guidance of Barbara Holub and Paul Rajakovics of transparadiso, together with Ana-Marija Vašicek and Jan Phillip Ley we set off to capture these fleeting moments of noise which disappear in time and space without leaving a trace, thus recording the state of birth of the city. Every bit of noise, heard and collected, is already a missing thing. Through a non-concerted reproduction of these missing noises people replay the past and reconstruct their memories of it, while at the same time creating new unique moments that pass by. As a memento of the construction site, a collection of found objects is organized into an interactive sound installation based on arduino. It allows anyone to experience and control the noise, play it in a desired order and create unique compositions at this peculiar non-concert for hammer and drill.

The installation was exhibited together with other students’ and artists’ projects in the frame of The Second World Non-Congress of the Missing Things.

* Aspern Seestadt (Vienna Urban Lakeside) is a pre-planned, heavily marketed and technologically advanced urban development, currently the largest construction site in Europe. By its completion in 2028, it aims to be able to provide high-quality living environment and workplaces for about 20 000 residents.